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Best Mattress Brands In India (September 2023): For Comfortable Sleep

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Best Mattress Brands In India (September 2023): For Comfortable Sleep

Best Mattress Brands In India: We should always consider checking specifications and brands. keep a few things in mind like researching the brand, checking the warranty, the material of the mattress, and personal preferences like firmness, bounce, etc. It is crucial for you to select the best mattress for back pain so that you have a peaceful night eventually you will conquer the morning chores. No matter what always always go through the specifications.

It’s confusing to purchase a mattress. When trying to determine the best mattress in India, the consumer’s attention is majorly on the material, thickness, size, color, and price. They overlook the fact that factors including body type, sleeping position, body weight, body heat, and any back or sleeping problems are more crucial.

Every brand also builds up a narrative and makes sure that people believe them as the greatest, and to further grab your attention they will play with enticing ads, don’t fall for it. Hence it is advised to select the best mattress brands in India that cater to your specific needs and to address any doubt, We have gathered a comprehensive list of such brands for your convenience.

Best Mattress Brands In India: Our Top Picks

For that sound sleep you won’t have to do an unending online research because we have accumulated a list of best matters in India.

1. AMORE Spine Memory Foam 6 inch Firm High Resilience HR, Rebonded Foam Orthopedic Mattress

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Combat this tiring life by laying down in one of the best bed mattress, everyone’s desire is to get the best mattress infused with the technicalities of reducing back pressure relief, which sharpen memory, promote healthy sleep, and boost memory. Comes with Polar fabric Amore Spines comes with 2-sided brushed, 100% polyester, polar fabric which is luxurious and elegantly designed to be highly durable and perfect for relaxing this is regarded as one of the best mattress for back pain.

Explore this memory foam mattress which is among the best beds you will be happy to know that this sleeping product is a mixture of various beneficial materials like anti-bacterial fiber, high gsm knitted fiber, and cotton candy memory foam helping the brand to be ranked as one of the best mattress in India. With anti-sag quality, this is among the perfect bed mattress. Amore Mattress Price: Rs 8,953

Who Should Buy This?

People who have severe back pain and want spine alignment without stiff mattress should check this.

2. Wakeup Mattress

If you want to invest in one of the best mattress in India then check this brand’s core products which includes sleep products, mainly mattresses and furniture. The company is known for its innovative and customer-centric outlook on good night’s sleep. There are various mattress it offers including memory foam mattress, orthopedic mattresses, dual comfort mattresses, etc.

Key features of the Wakeup mattress is the use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques which makes it among the best mattress for back pain. Their bed mattress equally distributes body weight and heightens pressure points, promotes a healthy spine, and reduces restlessness during the night. The cherry on top is that this brand also offers other sleep-related products, such as pillows, and back pillows. Wakeup Mattress Price: Rs 12,559

Who Should Buy This?

For people with back issues, if you want to give support to your back then go for this memory foam mattress.

3. Duroflex Mattress
If you are tense about temperature regulation and its drastic effects on your sleep then consider this bed mattress will save your life. Duroflex mattresses have a strong grasp on the market and they provide a variety of mattresses like spring mattresses, coir mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, and more. Their bed mattress offers specifications related to health like spinal alignment, temperature regulation, and pressure release.

In addition to being one of the best mattress for back pain, Duroflex has various sleep products. Which includes pillows, bed bases, and mattress covers. By giving a diverse range of effective sleep solutions this is hailed for being one of the best sleep mattress brands in India Their signature is to provide customer satisfaction which has resulted in a great reputation. Duroflex Mattress Price: Rs 11,999

Who Should Buy This?

If you want an orthopedic support mattress check this one with coir.

4. The Sleep Company Mattress
Have a back issue? We have a solution for you to explore this bed mattress which is infused with the quality of SmartGRID Technology seeped through research. This technology is neither a memory foam nor a spring mattress, it is a grid-shaped hyper-elastic polymer. The construction allows the grid’s wall to adjust accordingly with your back area like hips and shoulders which makes sure that there is no force on other body parts hence regarded as the best mattress in India.

Sleepcompany mattress has a variety of options available including an orthopedic mattress which is hailed to be one of the best mattress for back pain, and a luxury mattress. If you want to invest in one of the best mattress brands in India then explore the sleep company and choose cleverly for it is a matter of your health. Additionally, this brand is AIHA certified and they also produce pillows and chairs which are also induced with SmartGrid. The Sleep Company Mattress Price: Rs. 11,925

Who Should Buy This?

If you are looking for a healthy back and spine then go for this orthopedic mattress

5. Centuary Mattress
An evergreen brand catering to distinct preferences this bed mattress brand has covered it all. Among one of the best mattress in India live a comfortable and sound life. Centuary is among the best mattress brands in India because it is suitable for everyone by offering memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, posture pro-foamtastic collection, and vibeX foamtastic. The material of this bed mattress is the pinnacle of comfort.

Apart from catering to adults, this brand has options available for crib mattresses since a baby is sensitive and sleeps 15-17 hours it is vital to choose the perfect blend of firmness and harmless material and this brand will ensure the safety of your child that’s why this is among the best mattress brands in India. Century Mattress Price: Rs 13,758

Who Should Buy This?

People who want a premium quality mattress at a reasonable price for sufficient body support.

6. Sleepwell Mattress

If looking for one of the best mattress for back pain then check out this renowned as well as affordable brand in the bed mattress industry. Specifications of this mattress includes manufacturing and selling sleep solution products, mainly mattresses and sleep accessories. Sleepwell has various quality mattresses like memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, and more.

The brand’s main goal is to provide the best mattress in India that are comfortable and help improve the quality of sleep hence counts as the best mattress in India. Sleepwell mattress is designed to cater to different preferences and sleeping patterns, with options available for every person, thats why they are regarded among the best mattress brands in India. Sleepwell Mattress Price: Rs 7,299

Who Should Buy This?

People who want high comfort at an affordable price can explore this memory foam mattress.

7. Kurl On Mattress
If you are searching for a bed mattress with hybrid material then explore this Kurl on mattress brand since it offers materials like memory foam. Kurl-On is a brand whose primary objective is to manufacture high-quality mattresses hence it is hailed as the best mattress in India that specializes in other sleep accessories as well.

Kurl On offers a wide range of types from rubberized coir, memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, as well as hybrid mattresses. Each specification is designed to provide specific features and benefits, like tension release, back comfort, motion isolation, etc. Kurl On Mattress Price: Rs 7,280

Who Should Buy This?

People who want a comfortable sleeping experience can see this bed mattress.

8. Peps Spring Boil Mattress
Pep Mattress has been regarded as one of the best mattress in India for it produces a wide range of mattresses that prioritize quality, comfort, and durability. They include various ranges of mattresses to cater to different preferences. They have various types which include spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, bonell mattress, and orthopedic mattresses.

In addition to bed mattress Peps also offers other bedding products and accessories. These include pillows, mattress protectors, bed bases, and furniture. By providing a wide range of sleep solutions, as a brand Peps goal is to satisfy its customers and be on the list of best mattress brands in India. Peps Mattress Price: Rs 16,718

Who Should Buy This Mattress?

People who want Bonell quality mattresses that give a spring-like feeling but aren’t hard bed mattress.

9. SLEEPSPA by Coirfit Mattress
If you are worried that the material used in the sleeping mattress can be harmful to your health then this Coirfit Mattress which is produced from nature-friendly products like coconut husk and has a variety of beneficial properties will vanish all your concern. Due to its green production, this is known as one of the best mattress in India.

Coir mattresses are renowned for their firmness, and hypoallergenic properties, making them an ideal choice for people prone to allergies. Apart from being one of the best mattress for back pain it reduces dust mites and maintains a cool sleep surface. Coirfit provides a variety of materials like memory foam mattresses, orthopedic foam mattresses, latex, and many more. Choose a good bed mattress and have sound sleep. Coirfit Mattress Price: Rs 3,097

Who Should Buy This?

People who want proper body support but with organic material mattress.

10. Livepure Mattress
A production technique that is powered by science and technology offers a variety of bed mattress which is produced with materials like memory foam, natural latex, and orthopedic. You don’t have to think too much before exploring the options of this brand.

f you are wondering how this is among the list of best mattress in India then look for its foul-reducing technique like the activated carbon filter used in their sleeping products. This provides a removable zipper covert. Livpure Mattress Price: Rs 4,828

Who Should Buy This?

If you are a light sleeper then choose among one of the best mattress in India.

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