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How To Lose Weight Fast  | 10 very easy ways to lose weight quickly 

How To Lose Weight Fast
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How To Lose Weight Fast  | 10 very easy ways to lose weight quickly 

How To Lose Weight Fast  | Most of us make a New Year’s resolution to get fit and lose weight, but with each passing month, neither try to move towards the goal nor achieve it. The truth is that by the end of the year, our weight has increased by many kilos as compared to the previous year. If seen, losing weight is like a spiritual practice, you have to turn away from your favorite fast food and leave the comfort of the bed and sweat a little. But there are many easy ways by adopting which you can cross the journey of weight loss with less obstacles. You just have to make a little change in your food and lifestyle and then you too can easily achieve the goal of fat to fit. Will be able to achieve

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is important not only for our life but also for keeping the machinery of our body smoothly controlled. The first step to losing weight is to improve your water intake. It is necessary to drink at least four liters of water throughout the day. This will remove the dirt from your body. The problem of water retention will end and digestion will improve. In fact, there is truth to the claim that drinking water can help in weight loss. Experts believe that drinking more water also increases your ability to burn calories. That’s why imbibe the mantra that water is life.

2. Stay away from sugar

Sugar has the biggest hand in increasing your weight. Throughout the day, with the help of tea, coffee, cold drinks, you keep on doing the work. After this, after lunch and dinner, the mind is satisfied by eating sweets. But if you want to lose weight, you have to leave this routine. If you cannot stop sugar in tea and coffee, then start reducing it gradually. If you feel like eating sweets after eating, then eat some fruit. Sugar is not only high in empty calories, but also slows down your metabolism. This leads to obesity and heart related problems.

3. Increase protein intake

A high protein diet can be seen as a successful strategy for weight loss. Consuming a high protein diet improves your metabolism, makes you feel full for a long time and also provides energy to the body. Consumption of protein controls triglycerides, blood pressure and reduces obesity rapidly. If the amount of protein in your diet is low, then improve it. Include more protein in your diet. Consume pulses, eggs, paneer and soy products daily. With this, you can take one more step towards weight loss.

4. Start Walking

To lose weight, it is also necessary to keep the body active along with diet. The dream of reducing weight by living on the couch remains just a dream. So push yourself and make it a rule to walk in some open space around the house. Ideally you should do brisk walking for at least 45 minutes daily for weight loss. But if you can’t do that then try walking for half an hour in the morning and evening. You can also start with a 10-minute walk. Gradually increase this time according to your body endurance. Experts believe that walking massages the internal organs and helps in increasing metabolism. Try to walk 1000 steps after every meal. If you want to lose weight quickly then this is the best mantra.

5. Increase the amount of fiber in food

Fried, roasted, spicy food is liked by everyone. Especially the things made of fine flour have become a part of our diet. But to lose weight, distance has to be made from these things. Include fiber-rich things in your diet by removing flour. Fiber not only lowers cholesterol, but also keeps the bowels clean and keeps you satiated for longer. Eating fibrous food is very important when one wants to lose weight. If you want to lose weight quickly, include psyllium husk, chia seeds, fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

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6. Keep control on oil in food

Paratha puri and spicy things are mostly eaten in Indian homes. In most of such dishes, a layer of oil is seen floating on top. This oil is the hindrance in the path of your dream of losing weight. Ideally, you should not have more than 900 grams of oil in a month. Keep track of how much oil you are consuming and it will have a clear effect on your weight. Try to put only a little oil in the vegetables. And leave the temptation of Puri Paratha also, only then your efforts to get fit will pay off.

7. Chew food slowly

Many researches have revealed that if we eat our food slowly and chew it for a long time, then we feel full. Experts believe that you should taste each bite during your meal and deliberately delay it. Keep chewing until the food is completely chewed. Swallow the food. In fact, by eating slowly, not only do we enjoy our food more, but we also get better signals of satiety.

8. Don’t skip meals

Many times people start skipping meals in the desire to lose weight. They try to control calories by keeping themselves hungry for a long time. But these methods are not right. The body needs energy to function. So respect your hunger and don’t allow your body to think it is hungry. Experts believe that eat four times a day but eat little by little. Eating more than you need once a day is not going to serve your purpose.

9. Discipline the timing and portions of meals

Make sure to time whatever you are eating throughout the day. Also, try to have a rich breakfast in the morning, but lunch should be smaller than that and take very light food in dinner. Those who want to reduce their weight and want to improve overall health will follow this rule then they can get good results. Experts agree that nothing should be eaten after seven in the evening. You should have your dinner by seven and then have a good and nutritious breakfast the next morning. By doing this, your body will get full time to digest food and you will be able to control your weight.

10. Balance calories after cheat meals

No person can be completely disciplined about food all the time. Many times on the occasion of marriage, parties or any festival, we end up eating food rich in oil and spices. But how you control the extra calories from this food in the coming days is important. After binge eating, eat light food for the next two to three days. Drink more water and eat things like cucumber, buttermilk and watermelon to balance the extra calories in your body. By doing this, you can get your weight loss mission back on track.

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