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Iran currency Rial record fall, the price of one dollar reached 3.86 lakh

Iran currency Rial record fall
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Iran currency Rial record fall, the price of one dollar reached 3.86 lakh

Rial vs Dollar: There has been a record decline in the Iranian currency Rial and the price of one dollar has reached 3.86 lakh Rials. Traders in Tehran have exchanged rials up to about 3.95 lakhs against the dollar.

Iran currency Rial record fall: There are chances of recession in many countries of the world and meanwhile the condition of some countries has worsened beyond limits. A similar situation has happened in Iran, where there has been a record decline in the currency and the value of one dollar has reached 3.86 lakhs. Iran’s currency Riyal has come down to the lowest level against the US dollar and here one dollar is sold for up to 3.95 thousand Riyals.

Traders exchanging dollars for 3.86 lakhs

Traders in Tehran are exchanging Rial (Iran currency Rial) against Dollar (Dollar) for about 3.86 lakh Rials. According to the news agency AP, on December 11, the merchant was at 3.7 lakh, while on December 8, one dollar was being exchanged for 3.68 lakh.

4 years ago the price of dollar was 65 thousand

Explain that in May 2018, Iran’s currency Riyal was trading at around 65 thousand against the dollar before America came out of the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Iran. Whereas, at the time of the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran’s currency (Rial) was trading at 32000 Rial against the dollar.

The governor of the central bank told the reason for the increase in the price

Ali Salehabadi, the governor of Iran’s central bank, has blamed anti-government protests to some extent for the record fall in the rial. He said, ‘The Iranian currency has weakened in the last two months due to US sanctions and anti-government protests.’ Mentioning the steps being taken to strengthen it, Salehabadi said that dollars are being introduced in the market to raise the rial.

People trying to buy dollar-gold

After the record fall of the Iranian currency Rial, people have started worrying about the future and people are trying to protect their savings at all costs. It is being told that people are trying to buy dollars and gold to keep their savings safe.

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Riyal falls 20 percent after anti-government protests

The rial has suffered the most since the protests that began in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini and has declined by nearly 20 percent. Please tell that on September 13, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Iran police for not wearing a hijab and died on September 16. After this, demonstrations started across the country. According to news agency Reuters, so far 495 protesters, including 68 minors, have been killed in anti-government protests and more than 18,000 people have been arrested. Apart from this, 62 security forces have also died.
(Input- News Agency AP)

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