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PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence – The Original Wireless Containment System Review

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence
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PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence – The Original Wireless Containment System – Covers up to 1/2 Acre for dogs 8lbs+, Tone / Static – America’s Safest Wireless Fence From Parent Company INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence is a containment system designed to keep dogs within a defined area without the need for physical barriers such as fences. This system utilizes a transmitter that emits a wireless signal, creating a circular boundary around your property. The system is intended for dogs weighing 8 pounds or more and can cover up to 1/2 acre.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence uses a combination of tone and static correction to train your dog to stay within the designated area. The system comes with a receiver collar that your dog wears, which will emit a warning tone if your dog approaches the boundary. If your dog continues past the boundary, the collar will administer a static correction to deter your dog from leaving the area. The static correction is adjustable, so you can choose the level that is appropriate for your dog’s size and temperament.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence is manufactured by the Invisible Fence brand, which is a well-known and trusted name in the pet containment industry. The system is designed to be easy to set up and use, with no wires or digging required. The transmitter can be placed in a convenient location in your home, and the boundary can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Overall, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence is a safe and effective solution for pet owners who want to keep their dogs within a designated area without the need for physical barriers. The system is backed by the Invisible Fence brand, ensuring that you are getting a quality product that has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective.

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