Taiwan: Rescue work continues after 800 people injured in earthquake

Taiwan: Rescue work continues after 700 people injured in earthquake
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Rescue efforts are underway in Taiwan after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the east coast of Bettiah, killing at least nine people and injuring more than 800.

About 127 people are stranded on the broken swamp and rugged Dongral Road.

The epicenter was 18 km (11 mi) south of Hualien city, but the powerful shock was felt in the capital, Taipei, more than 100 km away.

It is the most powerful earthquake in Taiwan in 25 years.

That is, tsunami warnings were issued to nearby Japanese and Philippine islands on the same day and later evacuated. It caused the greatest damage in Hualien, where buildings collapsed, roads became unstable and railways were disrupted, leaving the remote area isolated from the rest of Taiwan.

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“I would wake up surprised to find racks and shelves of clothes lying around,” Osian Tsai, who lives in Hualien, told BBC China District. “They got stronger and I started worrying about household items. Fortunately, without the motorcycle overturning, the damage would have been minimal.”

But soon social media was filled with bizarre footage of landslides on the coast. They fell empty from the mountain, and fell into the sea, so they became fat.

Dozens of people have been trapped by narrow shores, steep coral reefs, winding roads and ponds. The route is popular with tourists for its spectacular views of the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But it is because of his landslide ability that he is known as a traitor.

Rescue operations continued into the night to reach 77 people trapped in Jinwen, Hualien Road and Qingshui Bogdya. The photos show how empty the road outside the Qingshui Bogdya is.

How long the inner world will persist – and whether they have food and water or whether they can communicate with outsiders – is unclear.

Further north, in Taipei, footage of the violence showed collapsed buildings and residents being evacuated from their homes and schools. Local TV stations broadcast clips of vehicles arriving and chaotic shops in Modkalis. It has been reported that the entire Betawar internet has been disrupted and the internet has been disrupted.

“The earthquake is close to the ground and very shallow. It hit all of Taiwan and offshore… It is the most powerful earthquake we have seen in 25 years,” said Wu Chien-fu, director of the Taipei Seismology Center.

Taiwan is home to 23 million people, with the east largely dominated by the Hualien population. It is a sparsely populated area, inhabited by tribal communities. For most of its history, the region was completely covered by fertile Taiwan due to the high mountains.

But since the 1930s, the government has dug roads outside Khadakchaya and built trenches to connect runoff to fertilized sand – however, it is still considered a difficult place to access, complicating rescue efforts.

These are wonderful trails that lead locals and tourists to Taroko National Park, a historic valley just outside Hualien that is considered one of the natural wonders of Asia. Three-thirds of the dead were pedestrians and the remaining 50 were workers who had been taken to a popular hotel for a four-day long weekend.

Wednesday’s quake struck at 07:58 local time (23:58 GMT) at a depth of 15.5 km and was accompanied by at least nine aftershocks of magnitude 4 or greater.

President Tsai Ing-wen said, “The government should ensure the accuracy of information and provide timely assistance to those in need, so that people feel comfortable and safe.”

Taiwan Foreign Office Mr Chinashi Guntalei, head of the Mainland Territories Council, a Taiwanese agency, expressed gratitude for China’s concern but said requests for help from that side would not be accepted. Beijing claims self-ruled sovereignty and considers itself separate from China.

Taiwan earthquakes have a long history, and both locals and foreigners who visit Taipei year after year say this is the most powerful earthquake they have experienced in decades.

The last major earthquake – 7.6 on the Richter scale – occurred in September 1999, killing 2,400 people and destroying 5,000 buildings.

Buildings fell, mountains cracked, screams rang out; Watch videos of how the earthquake wreaked havoc in Taiwan?

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