Electric Car insurance Tips : EV Insurance: It is important to keep some things in mind while taking insurance for electric cars. Because these are different from normal IC engine cars, so do not forget to take some addons in them. 

Electric Car insurance Tips : Although there are not many mechanical complaints about electric cars at the moment, but still it is important to understand some points while taking insurance. This will save you from any trouble in future and there will be no burden on your pocket. Let us know what are those things which need to be taken care of.  

Take care of IDV  :  The cost of EV is higher than other cars. That's why there is a need to take special care of the insurance value ie IDV. While taking insurance, do check that the cost of your car and IDV are equal. Because the insurance company passes any kind of claim on the basis of IDV only. 

add on electric parts  :  With insurance, not only check the clause of mechanical or accidental claim of the car, but also take insurance cover of electronic parts like battery pack, power supply unit. For this, you will have to take an add on, that is, it will have to be added to the general insurance, due to which you may have to pay a few rupees more premium, but it will prove to be beneficial for you. 

zero dip cover  :  While taking insurance, do check that you have been given zero depreciation cover. It is different from normal insurance and in this the depreciation of your car is charged less than normal insurance. Due to which if you have to take insurance of your car, then you get the right value. 

What is settlement ratio    : In relation to the company from which you are taking insurance, it must be checked that what is its claim settlement ratio. That is, how much money does that company give in lieu of the amount claimed. 

What is settlement ratio    : You will get all this information on the internet as well as you will get to see comparison with other companies. Take insurance of that company whose claim settlement ratio is high.  

Electric Car insurance Tips : It is important to keep some things in mind while taking insurance for electric cars.