Top Korean Dating Apps in South Korea 2024

Top Korean Dating Apps in South Korea 2024
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Top Korean Dating Apps in South Korea 2024

Dating has really evolved with the advent of technology, and Korean dating apps have become popular avenues for individuals seeking romantic connections or friendship in South Korea. These apps provide various features like chat rooms, video calls, and swiping mechanisms to facilitate interaction between users. As a result, millions of people are using Korean dating apps to meet potential partners and expand their social circle. has identified several top Korean dating apps that stand out in the market, providing users with reliable platforms to explore romantic prospects and make new connections. These apps offer diverse functionalities to suit the needs and preferences of users, enhancing the overall dating experience in South Korea.

By taking advantage of the features offered by Korean dating apps, individuals can connect with a variety of profiles, strike up conversations, and build meaningful relationships. Whether users are looking for long-term commitments or casual conversations, these platforms cater to diverse dating preferences and aspirations.


Amanda is the most popular dating app in South Korea, and its name is derived from a Korean acronym that roughly means meeting new people. Amanda’s Korean dating app, powered by NextMatch, has over 5 million users in the market. The app’s unique member scoring system, where potential users must pass a screening test by 20 random existing members and obtain a score of 3.0 or higher, contributes to its uniqueness and popularity.

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The app rates its users based on their looks, so it would be better if users use a good photo. If the user does not have a ‘satisfactory’ appearance for the app he may be rejected. Once you’re on the app you are free to “Like” other people’s profiles and if someone else likes you the app will allow you to chat with each other.

Despite facing criticism for placing an emphasis on appearance, Amanda allows users to display their personality traits, hobbies, religious views, and careers through their profiles, providing a more holistic view of individuals beyond just their looks. Provides perspective. Although Amanda is quite popular among Koreans, it is not as welcoming to foreigners because the operating language is Korean and the app prefers Korean-looking faces.

sky people

This Korean dating app was created by a student of Seoul National University. It is named after distinguished schools in the country – Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University. It has over 140,000 users and is considered an elite dating app. There is a verification criteria for male users, who have to verify their alma mater – SKY or equivalent or a large corporate workplace through email address. The verification process is simple for women, who must be working professionals or students between 20 to 39 years of age. For men, the age limit is 20 to 43 years.

Sky People has been validated by government agencies such as the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Ministry of Science and ICT. This unique affiliation with government entities gives Sky People a sense of credibility and trustworthiness in the Korean dating app landscape. Notably, the app has been recognized for its efforts, receiving three awards at a government awards ceremony co-organized and sponsored by the Dong-a Ilbo and other respected organizations.


The globally popular dating app Tinder entered the Korean market in 2015, although it initially took some time to gain popularity. To adapt to the preferences of Korean users, Tinder changed its strategy in the country, positioning itself as a social discovery app rather than simply a dating platform. This approach involves matching users based on similar habits and job interests, broadening its appeal beyond traditional dating parameters.

Tinder’s marketing campaigns in Korea, such as “Find Friends on Tinder”, have contributed to its success as one of the leading lifestyle apps in the country. Despite facing competition from local dating apps, Tinder has managed to build a significant presence and has become one of the highest grossing apps after mobile gaming apps in terms of revenue from subscribers.

A notable aspect of Tinder in Korea is its appeal to English-speaking users, with many users being able to converse in English. As a result, Tinder is particularly popular among foreigners living in Korea, including international students and expats seeking relationships within the local dating scene. Although not as dominant as its Korean counterparts, Tinder in Korea serves as a platform for both dating and casual encounters, attracting a diverse user base.


KoreanCupid stands as a leading Korean dating site, providing a platform for thousands of single men and women to find their ideal partner. Founded in 2004, KoreanCupid is part of the prestigious Cupid Media network, which operates over 30 exclusive dating sites. With its strong reputation and commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment, KoreanCupid has become a reliable choice for individuals looking for friendship, dates or long-term relationships.

One of KoreanCupid’s key strengths lies in its ability to connect users with a wide variety of potential matches, both locally and internationally. With thousands of Korean women signing up daily, the site offers a wide pool of singles to explore and connect with. Whether users are looking for love within Korea or across the borders,

KoreanCupid aims to overcome geographical barriers and bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. KoreanCupid’s appeal extends beyond Korean shores, catering to a global audience of over 700,000 members, including Asian women, South Korean women, and international men and women. The platform offers various features to enhance the user experience, including video messaging, anti-spam protection, and message translation capabilities, facilitating seamless communication and interaction between users.


AsianDating, a core member of the Cupid network, has been instrumental in connecting thousands of Korean and Asian singles over the years. With its user-friendly interface and huge membership base, with over 4.5 million members, AsianDating stands as a trusted platform for individuals looking for meaningful relationships.

As one of the leading dating sites in its field, AsianDating has earned a reputation for reliability and authenticity. Its extensive membership database, which includes singles from various regions such as the United States, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam and many other Asian countries, underlines its global reach and appeal.

One of the standout features of AsianDating is its unique message translation capability, which simplifies communication between users of different languages. Messages can be translated into the preferred language with just one click, facilitating seamless conversations and fostering connections across cultural and linguistic barriers.


Like a blind date, but not exactly a blind date, NoonDate matches you with up to 3 new people every afternoon in your location or preferred region, including the US/Canada, the app’s second largest user-populated region Is. Using semantic matching algorithms, the company has matched over 5 million users since 2015. You can find your match by selecting one of two cards every afternoon! Contact information is kept 100% confidential, and Facebook authentication increases the credibility of individuals who are recommended as your potential partners. Each applicant is also carefully reviewed and then approved for membership.

1 km

As far as comfort goes, having a loved one nearby is a good idea. That’s why 1km is a practical option. It matches you with prospects located within 1 kilometer of you and your mobile device. The ‘Culture Club’ feature on the app makes it more customized by matching you with people with similar interests. Other interesting categories include Movie Club, Climbing Club, Study Club and Bicycle Club. You can join an already existing club or create a new club and invite others to join. For security purposes, inappropriate behavior is monitored on the app. This app is currently only available in Korean and is, therefore, a great option for native Koreans looking to meet other Koreans in the area.


According to Badoo, 13,000 people delete Badoo every day because they found someone on Badoo. The company claims to be the world’s largest dating app with over 450 million users. It prides itself on protecting the security and privacy of each user, an important feature when it comes to meeting strangers. Each photo is regularly checked and verified to ensure that they are suitable. One can video chat with potential partners and meet people from around them. Its premium service allows to see who added them to their favorites and who liked their profile.


Between is a messenger app for couples that was developed by VCNC CEO Park Jae-wook in 2011 and acquired by PUBG maker Krafton in 2021. This app is free to download, which lets couples chat, plan dates, share their favorite photos and videos. Make voice calls. Track anniversaries and special dates etc. The app earns revenue by selling unique emoticons, premium upgrades, and targeted advertising. Between is quite popular as a dating app in Korea and abroad. As of 2018, it recorded 1 million daily users and 26 million global downloads.


However, HyperConnect is not a dating app but a platform that connects people. The startup has now been acquired by global online-dating company Match Group Inc. HyperConnect has developed two video apps that focus on helping people interact one-on-one and with new communities. Social media startup HyperConnect’s first app, Azar, offers live video and audio chat and can instantly translate voice and text for users who speak different languages. HyperConnect’s second app, Hakuna Live, is a social live-streaming app that offers group video and audio broadcasts.

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