Ayodhya Ram Mandir History | अयोध्या विवाद की पूरी कहानी | Ram Mandir Inauguration

Ayodhya Ram Mandir History
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Ayodhya Ram Mandir History | अयोध्या विवाद की पूरी कहानी | Ram Mandir Inauguration | RJ Raunac


Our narrative begins in 1528 when the Babri Masjid was constructed in Ayodhya by the Mughal emperor Babur. This marked the genesis of a dispute that would reverberate through the annals of Indian history for centuries to come.

The Mughal Era:

Explore the Mughal era as we delve into the architectural marvel of the Babri Masjid and the historical context that surrounded its construction. Uncover the socio-political landscape of the time, where the seeds of the Ayodhya dispute were sown.

Colonial Influence:

Fast forward to the colonial era, and witness how British rule intensified religious tensions surrounding the Ayodhya dispute. The East India Company’s policies exacerbated communal divisions, laying the groundwork for future conflicts.

Post-Independence Period:

As India gained independence in 1947, the Ayodhya dispute took on a new dimension. Discover the evolving dynamics between Hindus and Muslims, and the legal battles that ensued over the possession of the disputed site.

Babri Masjid Demolition (1992):

The pivotal moment in the Ayodhya saga unfolds as we explore the controversial demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992. Analyze the events leading up to this fateful day and the aftermath that shook the nation, sparking widespread communal tensions.

Legal Battles:

Navigate through the labyrinth of legal proceedings as various parties sought resolution through the courts. From the Liberhan Commission to the Allahabad High Court verdict of 2010, understand the legal intricacies that shaped the Ayodhya dispute.

Landmark Supreme Court Judgment (2019):

In 2019, the Supreme Court of India delivered a historic verdict, bringing a semblance of closure to the Ayodhya dispute. Uncover the key elements of the judgment and the principles that guided the court’s decision, offering insights into the culmination of decades-long legal battles.

Construction of the Ayodhya Temple:

The video then transitions to the present, capturing the excitement and significance surrounding the inauguration of the Ayodhya temple in 2024. Witness the meticulous planning, architectural grandeur, and the emotional resonance as a symbol of unity and cultural heritage is reborn.

Reconciliation and Moving Forward:

Finally, reflect on the lessons learned from the Ayodhya temple dispute and explore the prospects of communal harmony and reconciliation in post-inauguration Ayodhya. Discover the efforts made by various communities to bridge gaps and foster a spirit of unity.


As we conclude this comprehensive exploration of the Ayodhya temple dispute, gain a nuanced understanding of the historical, cultural, and legal facets that have defined this complex narrative. Join us in commemorating the inauguration of the Ayodhya temple as a momentous chapter in Indian history, embodying the resilience of a nation in the face of enduring controversies.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir History | अयोध्या विवाद की पूरी कहानी | Ram Mandir Inauguration

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