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Big News: Pakistan Devious Conspiracy, Seizure of 100 Million Worth of Narcotics

Big News Pakistan
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Big News: Pakistan’s Devious Conspiracy, Seizure of ₹100 Million Worth of Narcotics

The nefarious schemes of our neighboring country, Pakistan, are well-known to the entire world. Pakistan has always conspired against India, whether through terrorist attacks or infiltrations across the border. Now, Pakistan has devised a new tactic to defame and destabilize India, resorting to cross-border conspiracies through drones. Recent events have shed light on numerous such incidents, clearly indicating Pakistan’s ongoing preparations to spread venom within India.

Seizure of Heroin Worth ₹100 Million

Suspicious activities are often intercepted along the border between Pakistan and India, ranging from honey-trap cases to smuggling. A recent case unfolded in Sri Ganganagar, where a car was found carrying two kilograms of heroin. The international market value of the seized heroin exceeds ₹100 million. The police have apprehended two criminals in connection with this case, along with detaining a minor.

Jahangir, wearing a vest, roamed around with 32 crore cash, riding an old scooter; carrying notes in a bag.

Interception of Lethal Poison

In an effort to make Sri Ganganagar district drug-free, a campaign was launched, involving checkpoints and thorough inspections. During one such operation near Gajsinghpur, a car was stopped, and two kilograms of lethal poison were discovered during the search. This joint operation was conducted by the Border Security Force (BSF) and the police.

Origin and Smuggling Route of Heroin

Upon questioning the two young men in the car, it was revealed that the heroin was smuggled from Pakistan. The heroin had been transported into India via drones. According to the police, all three suspects are residents of Punjab. The intention was to distribute the heroin further. The police anticipate more revelations during the interrogation, along with the exposure of the entire racket.

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For several years, the Border Security Force has vigilantly guarded the India-Pakistan border. As a result, BSF and police joint operations have consistently thwarted nefarious activities. Terrorists based in Pakistan aim to disrupt the peace in India, a motive that the Border Security Force remains steadfast in countering.

In summary, Pakistan’s malicious intent to destabilize India persists, but the vigilance and swift actions of the Border Security Force and police stand as a formidable barrier against such threats.

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