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Covid-19 new variant symptoms If you see these 16 symptoms then be alert | Covid-19 new variant symptoms ये 16 लक्षण दिखें तो हो जाएं अलर्ट

Covid-19 new symptoms
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Covid-19 new variant symptoms If you see these 16 symptoms then be alert

Covid-19 new symptoms: Covid-19 infection has started spreading again in many countries of the world. With time, new variants of this virus are coming out and due to mutation, this virus is also changing its symptoms. Cases of BF.7 sub-variant of Omicron variant of coronavirus have also been reported in India. What are its symptoms? Will learn about this in the article.

Covid-19 new variant symptoms: The increasing cases of Covid-19 have once again raised the concern of the world. People had got some relief from Corona that cases have started increasing again in countries like China, Japan, Argentina, South Korea, America and Brazil. In view of the increasing number of patients, the Health Ministry of India also called a meeting in which many important decisions were taken. Four cases of the BF.7 variant of Omicron responsible for the surge in Covid-19 cases in China have also been found in India. The 61-year-old NRI woman who has been found to be Kovid positive in Gujarat had three doses of the vaccine.

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Coronavirus is constantly mutating and its symptoms are also changing due to mutation. Many such cases have also come to the fore in which people who have got vaccinated are also becoming Covid positive. Actually, there are many such symptoms which any person ignores as normal, but those symptoms can also be of corona. People infected on UK’s health study app ZOE tell their symptoms. What are the symptoms reported by the infected people on this app in the last few days? Know about this.

According to, since the beginning of the corona epidemic, the ZOE app has been continuously providing information about the symptoms of Kovid and how the symptoms are changing in people over time. The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19, like every virus, is mutating due to its ability to spread and its symptoms. Mentioned below are the most common symptoms of Kovid-19 which should not be ignored.

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– sore throat
– Sneeze
– running nose
– blocked nose
Cough without phlegm
– Headache
– cough with phlegm
– trouble speaking
– muscle pain
– no smell
– high fever
– fever with chills
– persistent cough
– breathing problems
– feeling tired
– loss of appetite
– Diarrhea
– Get ill

This symptom has become very common

According to the ZOE Health study, loss of smell and shortness of breath are common symptoms of the BF-7 variant of Kovid-19. This was the most common symptom in other variants of Corona as well. Anosmia used to be a main symptom of Covid-19, but only 16 percent of people who get Covid are experiencing it.

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What to do if symptoms appear?

The National Health Service says that many people do not spread the infection to others even after five days, but some people can spread the infection up to 10 days after getting infected. Therefore, instead of ignoring the people who are seeing any symptoms, they should avoid coming in contact with other people for five days and should avoid meeting elderly-children or sick people for at least 10 days.

be wary

According to Dr. Sangita Reddy, MD of Apollo Hospital, “There is no need to panic about the increasing cases of Kovid-19 in China, considering the Kovid vaccination campaign in India and the effective vaccine. Policies should be acted upon immediately regarding K. The current COVID spread in China is not only a sad tragedy for China, but can also put the global population at great risk.

According to Dr. NK Arora, senior member of Anti Task Force and head of Kovid vaccination campaign, India does not need to be afraid of increasing cases in China but it is very important to be careful. Vaccination has been done on a large scale in India, in which the elderly, young and young children are also included.

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