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Low Cost, Home-Based Business Ideas Reviews

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Low Cost, Home-Based Business Ideas Reviews

These five home-based businesses can help you fight the inflation blues. Amid concerns about rising inflationary costs and a possible recession on the horizon, many Americans are looking for ways to earn some extra income. According to a recent survey by Qualtrex, nearly 40% of workers have taken a second job and another 14% are considering it.

However, in many cases, employees don’t want to work for someone else – they want to start their own home-based business. They may plan to keep those businesses running as side hustles or grow them enough that they can quit their main gigs. And sometimes, they don’t stop at just one business.

“Most of my small business clients have more than one business; Sometimes they have three or four,” says Gail Oliver, a small-business marketing consultant and blogger at “It just reflects the fear that many people have on one type of income. more dependent.”

In many ways, starting your own business from home has never been easier. Advances in technology and the digital transformation of almost every industry have opened up myriad opportunities.

“There are so many options now,” says Helen Ryan, who launched her first home-based business — a graphic design firm — in 1993. “You don’t even need a website; you can sell on Etsy or Amazon.”

For those looking to start a startup without a large upfront investment, service-based businesses are usually the cheapest to start because product-based businesses often require inventory investments.

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“I’m a big fan of knowledge-based businesses, because it’s really taking what you know and ‘producing’ your knowledge,” says business coach and strategist Kelly Peters.

To harness expert skills and a professional network, you’ll already need to come up with a solid idea for a business. Here are some low-cost, home-based business ideas to consider:

social media strategist

As social media becomes an increasingly important marketing platform for both consumer and business brands, companies are looking for people to help them build their social media strategy across platforms.

graphic designer

Many businesses are in need of graphic designers who can create visually compelling content for everything from social media posts to advertising pieces and logos. Bonus: The only startup costs for this type of business are the computer equipment and programs needed to function.

content writer

Brands use content writers to create newsletters, white papers, web copy, and more. Gaining experience in this type of writing can be the start of a profitable business. In general, there are some start-up costs associated with content writing.

virtual assistant

As organizations scale back amid concerns of a recession, they are often turning to virtual assistants who can provide remote administrative support to their executives. If you have experience with scheduling, travel arrangements, and other types of administrative tasks, this may be a good option to consider.


If you have experience programming and building websites, apps or other technology tools, you have an in-demand skill that you may be able to parlay into business. Work on building your professional network and letting potential clients know you’re available for freelance work.

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